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Internet Marketing Services

Marketing your book on the Internet is essential in today's market. From setting up your own author website to offering your readers a preview of your book, our Internet Marketing services can help you establish a strong online presence. Even if you're not computer savvy, we can help you make your way through cyberspace.

Online Book Ads via Google

Author Website Setup – Standard 

An author website is a great tool for creating an online presence and sharing important information about your book(s). Our Standard package gives you a custom site, your own domain name, a year of hosting and your own email account.

Author Website Setup – Deluxe 

Improve your site with more pages, richer graphics and design.

Author Website Setup – Premier 

A website can be the hub of your marketing platform, and with added features such as a blog, guest book and a variety of design options, you can create a more engaging website for your book.

Author Website Hosting 

Amazon "Look Inside" and Google Preview 

Barnes & Noble "Read Instantly" Feature

Digital Discovery Service

Our Digital Discovery Service uses a unique combination of services to introduce your book to potential online readers.

Social Media Advertising

From the vast reach of its audience to the number of tools it offers, there’s a lot of marketing potential in the social media platforms Facebook and Instagram. Start your advertising campaign and get your book in front of readers with these packages: