WestBow Press E-Book Launch Publishing Package

E-Book Launch


We want to make sure every aspiring author has the opportunity to publish. That’s why we created an option to publish your book as an e-book only through the E-Book Launch package that will fit your goals and budget.

This e-book-only publishing option will help you launch your career as a published author. WestBow Press will format your manuscript as an e-book available for download on the Amazon Kindle, Apple iPhone and many other popular e-reading devices and websites.

For more information or for assistance in selecting one of our publishing packages, please call (866) 928-1240 to speak with a publishing consultant.

The E-Book Launch Package Includes:

For more information about Digital Formatting and Distribution, please visit our e-Pub FAQs.

Please review our WestBow Press Editorial Standards established by parent company, HarperCollins Christian Publishing.

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 Publish your book with the E-Book Launch package

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