Jennifer Elig

Jennifer Elig

"...ultimately I decided on WestBow because they are a Christian publishing company and they share the same values that I do."

Author and schoolteacher Jennifer Elig talks about the inspiration for writing her three books, Cincy the Flying Pig, One Lord, Two People, and A Cat’s Life. She also explains why she chose to self-publish all of them with WestBow Press.

Video Transcript

My name is Jennifer Elig, I've written three books: A Cat's Life, One Lord, Two People and Cincy the Flying Pig. The inspiration behind publishing the books was to get those ideas out there, and just have that to be an inspiration and a help for other people, for children especially. Just wanted to help them to know that they're not alone in any of their struggles, and just putting fun little characters with that to help encourage them.

Becoming a Multi-Published Author

One Lord, Two People is a Bible-based counting book. I wanted to create a book for my son that would have a spiritual, faith-based take on it. The cat book, it was just actually wound up being an idea that I just wanted to do for our family. I didn't really have the intention at that time of it being a published book. So, I had initially just had it just printed, through a different photo company to be a little coffee side table book, and someone picked it up and said how awesome it was and that, 'You should really get this published.' So I did.

Self-Publishing with WestBow Press

It started with the counting book that I had initially. When I had the idea, I had it all written out, and didn't really know what the publishing process was like. So that's been about 12 years ago. And so I just started randomly submitting the manuscript to different publishers and did not turn out well. So it ended up back in my drawer. And, ultimately decided on WestBow because they are a Christian publishing company, and they share the same values that I do. And they just easily walked me through all the details of how to submit my work.

Reading the Published Book

So I would say the biggest reward that I get from writing would be just when I see the kids reading the book for themselves, or just reacting to it being read to them. Just the excitement that they have, seeing their eyes light up when we read it to them.