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At WestBow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson & Zondervan, we help authors self-publish books. As a Christian publisher, we publish books of all genres but specialize in books with Christian morals, inspirational themes and family values. Whether you have goals of commercial success or simply desire to publish a book for friends and family, WestBow Press can help you create your book in your vision.

In every author's success story, there is a history and a beginning. With WestBow Press, you now have the opportunity to begin or advance your career as an author. Share your story and start shaping your future today with Christian self-publishing.

Pete Nikolai, director of publishing services for Thomas Nelson Publishing, highlights the distinguishing factors of WestBow Press and explains why Thomas Nelson decided to create this self-publishing division.

J.V. Carr, author of Username: Bladen

J.V. Carr on Self-Publishing with WestBow Press

J.V. Carr, author of Username: Bladen, talks about why she decided to self-publish with WestBow Press ... Watch Now ›

Joe Castillo Shares How Sand Art Has Changed His Life in His New Book, "SandStory"

Drawing in sand on a light table, Joe Castillo is able to tell stories to music. “SandStory” went viral on YouTube and, after hundreds of invitations from around the world, it exploded into a totally unexpected career.  Learn More › 

Joe Castillo, Author of "SandStory"

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