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It’s easier to publish your book if the price fits your budget. Now you can save up to 25% when you choose WestBow Press as your supported self-publishing company.* But, we know our authors, and we know the decision isn’t always financially motivated.

Deciding to self-publish is a big deal, so you should be educated about what you’re purchasing before taking that big step. Your publishing personality helps us determine which WestBow Press self-publishing path is aligned with your expectations.

This brief quiz is about making you confident in your choice. Take the quiz, get your score total, then find your publishing personality in the chart below. When you’re ready to discuss your decision, call 1.866.928.1240 ext. 2 and let your Publishing Consultant know your publishing personality.

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Writing your book was the fulfillment of a dream, and you should approach publishing with that same passion. A bundled package, such as the now 25% off Video Plus+, sets you up with the best of WestBow’s services – a book video, a book signing kit and more – giving your message a chance to reach more readers. Save big with this package: $1,625.75 in total savings!




Authors like you choose high-level publishing packages to launch their message into the market. The Online Platform package – which is 20% off this month – wraps all the basics with a collection of services to boost your book’s potential: an author website and a guide to social networking. Save $799.80 if you act fast.




Your resourcefulness and strong message will guide you most of the way through publishing. WestBow Press can pick up the rest of the slack with the Bookstore Advantage publishing package, which includes a return program to entice booksellers to carry your book. Buy now at 15% off – that’s $449.85 in savings.




Simply putting your words into print will be a fulfilling reward for your hard work. WestBow Press can smoothly facilitate that process. The Pro Format publishing package covers the necessities – such as worldwide distribution and one-on-one author support – plus a few extras. 10% off in July means you save $189.90.



* Offer expires July 31, 2014, and is not valid in combination with any other offers. Only applies to packages as listed.


 NEW: Online Book Ads via Google

Book Marketing Promotion

The family road trip. A classic theme of Americana. Families made lasting memories by following road signs and billboards to cafes, campsites, hotels, roadside attractions and drive-in movie theaters. Advertisers knew something: Placement is paramount.

The newest service in our marketing lineup is all about placement. Online Book Ads via Google takes a page out of marketing history, placing your ad on websites that tie in with your book.

It’s an American summer, and it’s time to do something new for your book with Online Book Ads via Google. Call 1.866.928.1240 ext. 4 today to place your ad online with one of these new services:

Online Book Ads via Google -- Supreme
Online Book Ads via Google -- Standalone (90 days)
Online Book Ads via Google -- Standalone (60 days)
Online Book Ads via Google -- Standalone (30 days)