Tips for writing outdoors and up to $1,000 in publishing savings

2015 Book Publishing Promotion

The summer doldrums don’t exist for writers. Especially because WestBow Press is offering publishing packages at up to $1,000 off this August. Call 1.866.928.1240 ext. 2 to save.

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We know authors. Even though you’ll be busy working on publishing your book this month, you’re going to keep writing new material for your next book. So here’s our advice for writing outside this summer:

10 Things to Pack in a Writer’s Picnic

  1. Camera – Your routine keeps you productive, but going outside is inspiring. Snap some pictures of what you see so you can write more about it later.
  2. Sunglasses – You’ll be writing during your picnic. Have you ever seen the harsh glare that white paper casts? Protect your eyes.
  3. Paper – A blank computer screen is discouraging. Writing your thoughts on paper might get you thinking in new ways.
  4. Water – Despite the summer heat, you might not want to stop once you start writing outside. Water is essential for long outdoor sessions.
  5. Pen/Pencil – Don’t underestimate the importance of a good writing utensil. Did you know there are entire websites dedicated to reviewing pens?
  6. Blanket – What’s a picnic without a red gingham blanket?
  7. Food – Stimulate your palate with a few culinary delights. Summery salads made with corn, avocados, beans and lime-cilantro vinaigrette are healthy and easy to carry on a picnic.
  8. Field guide – Take a break from your writing picnic to go for a hike. A field guide will help you identify interesting plants, critters and rocks that catch your eye. 
  9. Flashlight – Your head is down. You’re writing with energy and focus. Before you know it, you look up and it’s dark. Be prepared.
  10. Pocket money – After a day of writing in the sun, stop for an ice cream before you head home – you’ve earned it.

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