4 Reasons WestBow Press is thankful for you | Publish & Save

Book Publishing Promotion

It’s amazing to be a part of authors’ journeys, helping them take their messages from beginning to end, from idea to published book. WestBow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson & Zondervan, works with talented, passionate, caring and successful people, and we couldn’t be more excited to work with you.

To show how thankful we are for authors like you, we’re taking up to $1,000 off the cost of publishing.

Call 1.866.928.1240 ext. 2 to publish your message and save up to $1,000*

 Video Plus Save $1,000
 Online Platform Save $800
 Bookstore Advantage Save $400
 Pro Format Save $200

Why we’re so thankful to work with you...

1. You inspire us

The courage, determination and vision it takes to write and publish a book is an inspirational sight to behold. We’re in awe of authors.

2. You make us proud

Your purpose is noble: to share Christian morals, inspirational themes and family values. It’s an honor to help you.

3. You succeed

We give you opportunities to be discovered and follow in the footsteps of WestBow Press’ successful authors like Michael Norten. We’re so thankful to watch you answer your true calling as an author.

4. You make it easy

The ideas and the vision are yours—we’re merely helping you achieve your goals. We have the talent and the experience in publishing, but we wouldn’t be anywhere without your enthusiasm and creativity.







* Offer expires Nov. 26, 2014, and cannot be combined with any other promotions; only valid with the packages as listed above.