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How to Promote Your Book Signing 

by Jodi Bradley


4/18/2012 How to Promote Your Book SigningStart small. Think big. Who cares if you’re holding the signing in the basement of your local bookstore? You are at your very own book signing! So, promote it like it’s the biggest event of the year.

How should you do that? Here are a few dos and don’ts:

  • Do utilize social media. Ask friends to post your upcoming signing on their own blogs, Facebook and Twitter accounts. If your bookstore, library, coffee shop, church, etc. has a website, ask if they can promote your upcoming event on their sites, too.
  • Do advertise, announce and ask. Advertise your signing a few weeks leading up to your big day. Announce your event in your local newspaper, list it on Craigslist and submit it to your church’s bulletin. Ask if you can tape posters on the store’s walls, place business cards next to the register or bookmarks in their shopping bags.
  • Don’t go against your venue’s rules. No loitering? Don’t stand outside a few days before passing out bookmarks. Can’t advertise your book in the store within the days leading up to your signing? Don’t push your limits. If you do, you risk burning bridges and losing a connection for future signings.
  • Do give customers a reason to visit your table. Have a large poster next to your table explaining what is going on. Offer free takeaway items such as pens or bags.
    Strike up a conversation with potential buyers. Ask friends and family to linger for a bit – crowds spark the interest of onlookers and therefore draw in larger crowds.
  • Don’t make people feel guilty if they don’t buy a book. This is your chance to get your name and title out there, so don’t ruin it. Instead, hand uninterested customers a bookmark or flyer with your book’s information in case they change their mind or know a friend who might be interested.
  • Prepare for the future. Take numerous pictures to later post on your website and social media sites. Thank anyone involved with helping you organize your signing. You never know what could lead to your next big event.


If you’ve already had a book signing, what piece of advice can you offer new authors?

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