Author Patricia Stiegler Uncovers Truth About Life in Women's Prison

November 26, 2012 - Former addiction counselor Patricia Stiegler used her years of experience working in women’s prisons and correctional facilities to write Real Women Don’t Cry, an inside glimpse of what life is like in prison (Click to Tweet).

Steigler feels that people have a misconception of what prison life is like and this book is meant to share her story of the harsh conditions and unnecessary punishments these women face. 

“I hear people say, ‘Gosh, they have it easy in prison because you got TV, you got three meals a day,’” she said. “But, when you go into a prison, I don’t think you can even begin to grasp how terrible it is.”

After retirement, Steigler decided she needed to share her story and soon began her writing process.  Through the difficult emotional process of publishing her experience, Real Women Don’t Cry hit stores in October.

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Real Women Don't Cry

Real Women Don't Cry

About the book:

A women’s max prison—unlike journalistic investigations into this element, there are no contrived veils that hide the raw truths about this life or the lives of the inmates who reside here. No prepared-for interviews or arranged excursions into this world that only inmates and staff know the full story of.