The Making of a Novel

May 2, 2012 – Brenda Rice describes the process of writing her first book, Remmie, A Southern Heiress, as being similar to watching a movie in her mind. The inspiration started appearing in her mind in 1994. She was encouraged by her father, husband and daughter to put her story on paper.

“One day, I realized I knew this red-headed girl,” Rice says. “I knew everything about her. At that point, I started writing the story. It was a most fascinating story to me.”

Rice says the book is completely fiction, but some of the characters’ qualities are inspired by friends and family. The journey to become a published author has been a learning experience for Rice. “Through it all, it has been a wonderful journey.”

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Remmie, a Southern Heiress
About the book:

Having spent all her life in foster care or group homes, Remmie had every reason to be angry. Life had not been kind to the lovely auburn-haired girl, but the Remingtons had given her another chance at life with every advantage. The wealthy doctor and his wife adopted Remmie when she was 11.