Local Author Brenda George Documents Triumph

Local Author Documents Triumph

April 5, 2012 - Brenda George was in the prime of her life. Then, her doctor found a lump on the back of her neck. Her battle with cancer inspired her renewed faith and provided the basis for her book Rejoicing Through the Tears: Embracing God’s Hand in Cancer.

When she was diagnosed, her life felt redirected. “I had never had cancer. It changed my whole perspective on life,” she says. She says God gives us a reason to celebrate each day. “Cancer isn’t the beginning, nor is it the end. Yes, there can be life after cancer.”

Her book defines 23 ways that we can make life better each day. George says we should learn to forgive, celebrate each day, and look at life from a child’s perspective.

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Rejoicing Through the Tears

Rejoicing Through the Tears
About the book:

For author Brenda George, life was good. She and her husband were planning their daughter’s wedding, buying a new sports car, and planning a much-needed vacation, things couldn’t have been better…until cancer rudely invaded her life, and that one word changed everything!